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FIP and Counterfeit Medicines


Dear Colleagues,

Counterfeit medicines and counterfeit medical products are major threats to public health. This issue is not restricted to only a few countries or regions — through increasing globalisation, the problem of counterfeit medicines has expanded vastly, to both developed and developing countries.

In the face of this situation, FIP believes pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists can be a vital asset in assuring the safety of patients through their active participation in the fight against counterfeit medicines. This commitment of the profession is visible through our Statement of Policy on Counterfeit Medicines

As the global federation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, FIP is acutely involved in several international initiatives against counterfeit medicines. It is an overall goal to share pharmacists’ expertise worldwide. As the final member of the pharmaceutical distribution chain as well as often being supply chain managers, pharmacists are key in combating counterfeit medicines. FIP’s activities aim to:

  • Gather evidence on counterfeit medicines and pharmacists’ perception of the issue
  • Raise awareness on the importance of the issue among stakeholders
  • Increase skills and competencies to empower healthcare professionals to be effective partners in the fight against counterfeit medicines
  • Offer guidance on how to make it more difficult for counterfeit medicines to reach patients (primarily through technical guidance and policy proposals)
  • Develop new approaches to make it easier for patients to identify legitimate and safe suppliers of medicines

We have intensified our efforts to combat this crime against patients. We have also produced tools for our member organisations in order to facilitate their involvement and actions. Not only have pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists shown their commitment, but their national organisations have developed ways to raise awareness and invigorate the fight against counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

Together with patients, government, supply chain partners, enforcement officers and the general public, we can protect the health of our communities. I invite you to join us in our efforts to take part in this global mobilisation.

Dr Carmen Peña

International Pharmaceutical Federation

November 2014